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FocusWriter Theme – Flaming Pumpkin

This might still rank up there as my most spectacular flaming pumpkin. The pumpkin itself was a massive 20 pound shell onto which I cut four separate patterns. It was done for the pumpkin carving contest at work. And as luck would have it, it won. I think this took me four hours over two […]

FocusWriter Theme – Pumpkin Patch #2

Just a variation on a theme I was sort of on a roll and with the call of the crow right outside my window I decided to make another. Here’s a batch of pumpkins ready to decorate your workspace and help get those haunted stories onto the page. – FocusWriter Theme – […]

FocusWriter Theme – Pumpkin Patch

Summer’s going fast Nights growing colder The season has definitely started to change and we’re getting into my favorite time of year. The weather settles down, the colors brighten, the biking is fantastic and just around the corner is Halloween. And that of course means pumpkins. I thought I’d make a quick theme featuring some […]