Need help with PHP and IIS?

I forgot to include a few things in regards to the PHP 5.0 install. Here is a good link with instructions on how to get PHP installed should you run into trouble. I did use the Windows Installer package that is available at The only real snag was I attempted to use the CGI files for PHP and found out that that the ISAPI filter was actually easier to use and install.

If you need help, let Peter Guy point you in the right direction. As I said I didn’t use all the steps, but it was worth checking to make sure the PHP DLL’s were loaded within IIS.

As for WordPress, the only snag I hit, was to make sure I created the WordPress database. It didn’t make it by default so I had to use the command:

create database WordPress;

After that, everything went fine. And if you’re from the Windows world like I am, remember the default account is ROOT, not Administrator. I kept on typing in the wrong username and password and cursing MySql for not being the easy to use database tool that the Internet had lead me to believe, until the Mrs. (who is a real SQL DBA) told my to knock of my shenanigans and type in the right information.

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