SPECIAL OFFER on DxO Optics Pro v4.2

SPECIAL OFFER on DxO Optics Pro v4.2
until March 25, 2007!

– US$40 off DxO Optics Pro Elite with promotion code ELITE42

– US$20 off DxO Optics Pro Standard with promotion code STAND42

– US$10 off DxO Optics Pro Starter with promotion code START42

Even though I can’t agree with DxO using the Pace Anti-Piracy software in their products, I can’t dispute the power of DxO Optics Pro. It’s an outstanding program that does an amazing job of correcting and enhancing photos. I received these coupon codes through email and am passing them along.

You can access the DxO store through the following link and use the coupon codes listed above:



This code will also work as a discount for the DxO and Genuine Fractals bundle to save even more.

Again, I’m in way affiliated with DxO and I don’t receive any kickback if you buy anything. I just think they have an impressive product and I’m sharing a coupon to save a few bucks.

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