A trip to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

Daylight Savings Time kicks in and the weather changes almost immediately. From a snow blast a month ago to 70 degree temperatures today, the weather is basically perfect. I’ve been working the BBQ like a madman setting food ablaze at every opportunity.

The change in the weather also means it’s time to get out there and get pictures of the new budding flowers. The trees are white with blossoms and the flowers are coming through in spectacular colors. I made the most of the wonder weather and headed down to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens on Monday and Tuesday to see what I could find. The first day was filled with lots of keepers and for those that didn’t come out, I made my corrections when I took the same picture on the second day.

I went back later in the day the second time which helped with the shadows and not having the sun directly overhead. Taking pictures of white flowers in the bright sun is tricky business and I forgot to adjust my settings. I was reminded to check the histogram and to underexpose to keep the details of the white flowers. I guess I was caught up in the moment and forgot the basics. Thanks Randy!

Despite the technical snafus, it was a treat to be out shooting the flowers. No, not that kind of shooting – with a camera! The fragrance of the flowers was everywhere and it’s great to go on a weekday since there are very few people there. There were several other guys taking pictures and we all milled about quickly keenly observing what would make the best shot. A few renegade visitors made their way in. I’m not sure what group they were with, but they didn’t seem to have the correct botanical garden attire. Leather boots with stiletto heels just doesn’t seem to blend. It was a good look mind you…

I’ve posted two sets of photos in:


Some of the shots are probably pretty similar and overlap, but that’s ok I guess. They’re all gonna be slightly different :)

I used the Sigma 105mm lens for these and it worked very well! I’m really able to get close and focus on a single thing or pull back and get more of the scene. I’m very pleased with how it worked.

I’m really tempted to try the 70-200mm lens just to see what kind of pictures I get. It seems like it might be overkill and I’ll just get a big patch of a red petal across the lens, but it could be worth the experiment though. Of course if it’s a horrible disaster, we shall never speak of this again.

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