Crashing the server right into the ground…

I just realized there is a blog entry missing so that last comment really doesn’t make any sense. Well, ok, it makes less sense than normal since it’s completely out of content. I wrote about the server having some issues which made it unavailable the other day. I made a backup of the blogs but apparently I changed drives before I got a backup which contained that post. So anyway, here’s a recap of what happened.

Two days ago I ran into a slight issue with the server. I woke up in the morning as I always do. As part of my routine, I checked email and did a quick check on my other computers to make sure they are happy and ready to face the day.

The server gave me the impression it wasn’t ready to handle another day. This was confirmed by the fact the computer was locked up and I couldn’t click on anything. I tapped on the monitor to let the computer know it was time to wake up and face the day. None of us wanted to do it, but we had to. It was just one of those things.

The server wanted no part of this and remained locked up. Realizing I had ultimate power in the tip of my finger, I used this destructive weapon to turn the machine off. It went dark. “Ha!” I chided, “We’ll see whose Uber Powerful in this house my friend!”

Since the computer was off it was unable to make any sort of reply which really deflated my feeling of superiority.

I turned the computer back on. It still wasn’t ready to work.

Off it went again.

Perhaps the server had been engaged in a long night of partying with the other machines in the house behind my back and just wasn’t sober enough to get things moving today. I let it sit some more.

I ignored the server with impunity for a good 10 minutes until I felt it was time to go back to work. The server realized I was a force to be reckoned with and started back up.

That’s when things really got bad. And not Michael Jackson Bad. More of a Britney Spears Bad, where you really have to wonder just what the heck’s going on.

A quick trip to the Event Viewer showed signs of red. Red stop signs everywhere and just like in real they were annoying. Errors with the drive all over the place. I sprung into action like some half dressed super hero and made a back up of the data. Obviously since I lost the blog entry I didn’t get it all. I didn’t have time to be all caring and Doogie Howser with the server so I gave it the Greg House once over and salvaged what I could. Then I brought in the bug guns. Not literally big guns, shooting the server would be rather dangerous and I could hit by flying plastic shards. I cloned the boot drive.

Unbeknownst to me, this would take 4 hours. Had I read the manual I may have realized this little nugget of information before I started, but this is war Peacock, and sacrifices have to be made!

After I cloned the drive I restarted the server to see if the drive really was bad. I mean it could have been just a simple glitch or software snafu. We all know that Windows Server is fool proof so blaming the software would be a foolish long shot, but sometimes these things happen.

I didn’t get any errors with the chkdsk or another other drive analysis tool so I thought everything was OK and that Windows had just had a moment of insanity but had cleared its thoughts and was now going to get back to the business at hand of serving up my web pages.

And it did, for about a day. And that’s when we hit the iceberg.

At around 8:30pm the server completely went downhill and got itself into such a state I had no choice but to swap drives. With its innards splayed about the floor I removed the drive and popped in the new ones. I didn’t have time to scrub up; I just went in there to save the patient.

5 minutes later a new drive was in and the server was back online. Who knew you could clone Windows Server 2003 like that?

So now the server is back online with a new boot drive in place ready to face the world. Hopefully we won’t have anymore nights like that, especially since I’ve run out of replacement drives.

Here’s to wishful thinking!

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