The server soiled it’s pantaloons

Well that didn’t last very long now did it? The drive went spiraling out of control last night and got the server into such a state I had no choice but to pull the drive. The cloned drive was pulled from the bench and put into action. Since the server seemed to be running correctly after the reboot I didn’t swap out the drive since I wasn’t sure that was the problem.

I’m not taking any more chances and like a celebrity being kicked off the stage at the awards ceremony, the drive has been taken out and replaced. The swap took about 5 minutes but I have no idea how long the server was down when I finally found it. It was in quite the state of confusion so I just shut it down.

Once again, all is well for now. We’ll see if this drive can keep the server running without causing a scene. If this doesn’t work, I’m going to need an old priest and a young priest.

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