Lots of site updates! Lots of new picture galleries!

The weather couldn’t be any more perfect out here! The temperatures hover in the mid to upper 70’s, lots of sunshine and a slight breeze to keep things from getting too hot. Spring is indeed here!

And for the new season I made lots of site updates. The opening graphics were changed to show the spring flowers from the botanical gardens and 10 new picture galleries were added. I’ve already been to the botanical gardens a few times this month and have some spectacular pictures to show off. At least I think they’re exciting. :) The gardens are just starting to come to life, but the array of colors in bloom is amazing. I’ve been taking pictures for use on this website as well as for newsletters and other publications I’m working on. A colorful display of flowers can really draw the reader’s eye. ;)

In conjunction with my flowers I’ve added some pictures from my trips to Arizona over the last two years. I have some shots of the desert Saguaro’s, Chiricahua National Monument, Tonto National Forest, Sedona and even shots I took when I went to the legendary Tombstone and Boot Hill.

I’m planning my photo adventures for this year which I hope will include some shots of the Carolina lighthouses and rose gardens. I plan to make almost weekly trips to the botanical gardens this year, so if you have a thing for flowers, just stayed tuned. If not, well, just skip over that part.

My server seems to have sobered up from its St. Patty’s Day drive failures so hopefully we won’t have any more issues with that.

The weather is beautiful, wish you were here!
It’s time to get out there and take some more pictures!

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