Chalk up another month!

Wow, the month of March just flew by! Seems like it just started, but now we’re in April. March was great for photos! I managed to get started on my trips to the botanical gardens and posted, what I think, are some great shots from out there. The gardens are just starting to bloom so expect lots more photos as it all comes alive. I’m really going to try and get out there once a week so see all the changes.

The main reason I started this site was to show off a lot of the pictures I have. To that end, I am happy to say I have completed my task. The photo collections I wanted to post are now apart of the photo gallery. I can’t say it’s all of them, but it’s definitely the ones I had in mind when I started. There have been lots of new photos added as I’ve gone along, so all in all, the site is exactly where I wanted it to be. Oh sure, there could always be more, but for designing all this myself, I think it’s coming along very nicely.

I did have that small glitch a week or so ago. The boot drive in the server had a failure and had to be replaced. The server appears to be healthy again, but it did cause some site outages over a couple of days, but hopefully that is all behind me. I guess those are the thrills of doing it all yourself :)

I also added a few new reviews of my lenses. The Sigma 105mm and the Sigma 70-300mm lens are now in my discussion forum.

The weather has been wonderful out here in the South. Lots of sun, so no excuses for not going outside. I’ve been able to get some more lacrosse pictures, which I posted just for fun. There are plenty more games to come so I’m hoping to get even more shots. If nothing else, it’s more practice behind the camera, specifically with action shots. Practice, practice, practice!!

I’ve been trying to plan out some activities for this month. Besides the botanical gardens there are lots of other places close by to get some photos. Of course, I still need that beach trip to get some lighthouse shots. Maybe I can pull that off this month. If not, still plenty of time. There are also two covered bridges in NC that I want to photos off. Basically there are only two in the state. I’d like to get some shots of those before they aren’t around anymore.

So here’s to April, fools and all!

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