Here’s to the end of April

For March I saw issues with the hard drive of the server and for April it was foolish design mistakes with the website. Lots of time was spent working out all the kinks and bugs in the site. But as of now, I really think I’ve got them worked out. The internal fixes to the site have worked out very well and the naming scheme seems to appease the search engines; no more errors with the Google Sitemaps. The new drive has been purring along nicely with no hint of impending doom. Technology wise I think we can say things are stable. At least for today…

Photography wise things went well. Lots of pictures from the gardens and many macro shots I’m pleased with. The Sigma 105mm lens continues to shine and as the hot days of May some sweeping down the plains, I’m excited to see what colors and patterns await at the gardens.

I’m also going to try and get some more shots from the little ghost town I came across. Could be interesting to see if all those worn out parts get covered by growth.

I’ve spent most of the month optimizing the site and trying to overcome some poor palling on my part. But as always a learning experience. And better to get these problems worked out now while the site is still young rather than find it a year from now when it’s too late to fix.

Lot’s of ups and down. Lot’s of spills and thrills. And still plenty of changes I want to make in the coming months. Now that the site’s all fixed up, it’s time to start tinkering again!!

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