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I’ve uploaded about 200 new images in the past two days. The rain has been threatening and the clouds have been heavy, but I grabbed some great shots from the botanical gardens over the last two days. The clouds really work well on the flowers to keep off harsh shadows and makes it easier to shoot without getting blown out highlights. The first day was cut short with the rain, but I went again the next day with clouds looming all around.

There are dozens of shots of Day Lilies which I think are really good. Very close macro shots with the flower just filling the whole frame. Let me know what you think of them!

A funny thing to note, a wedding and reception was going to happen that night. All the preparations were underway from time to time the bride would appear to have her photo taken in different parts of the garden. I have no idea who she was, but she looked great and happy, and I’m sure the pictures will be wonderful. There was color everywhere which would make a great backdrop.

I kind of wanted to follow them around for a little bit and see how they worked and what kind of shots they went for. I think it would have been pretty fun. But, it’s best not interfere with such things. :)

With my new addition of photos I believe I am amassing one of the largest botanical flower collections on the Internet. Ok, ok, I’m sure there are other way bigger collectionsout there, but hey, I can make all the bold and outrageous statements I want!

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