Is there such a thing as the Canon 40D?

It seems there’s more to this Canon 40D rumor than I first thought. Not only does such a camera appear to be in the works, it sounds like such a beast will be coming out this year. On a lark I did a search for Canon 40D and dozens of sites came up claiming to have information about this unknown commodity. (Even the Canon website seems to have a placeholder for this model).

Some reports say the camera may debut in September, which would definately make for a good Christmas shopping season. Currently the specs looks pretty close to that of the XTI.

Unconfirmed specs include for the 40D:

* 10.1 MP CMOS sensor
* 5fps, 30 JPEG image burst
* Integrated Cleaning System
* 2.5in LCD with 230K pixels and 160º viewing angle
* Picture Style image processing
* Spot metering & 9-point AF
* DIGIC II processor with 0.2 sec start up
* Digital Photo Professional software
* Magnesium alloy body
* Compatible with all EF/EF-S lenses and EX Speedlite flashes
* Including powerpack and accessories

So far we have the Rebel XTI representing the low end and the EOS 1D Mark III for the high end. It certainly seems the next logical step is to update the middle of the pack, 5D and 30D. Of course, the Rebel XTI and the 30D were almost identical in specs. Basically the 30D was more “rugged” with a tighter body and seals and a longer lasting shutter.

Will the 40D show a significant improvement over the current 30D and vast superiority over the current Rebel XTI? Not that I am ready to upgrade yet, but if the specs remain the same, the 30D should be with us for awhile and those just joining the SLR market will probably go with the XTI.

Considering the “over the top” specs of the Mark III, I would hope to see more of that camera make it into the 40D. Or will we see the replacement to the 5D sporting Mark III components?

This somewhat reminds me of the incremental changes we saw in the computer field from Intel and the Pentium based chips. We got slight jumps every few months with each new iteration offering just enough to make us want to upgrade.

With the vast array of exceptional cameras on the market right now, it’s certainly a buyers paradise!

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