Free 177 page guide to Adobe Lightroom 1.1 features

In addition to writing a series of eight feature stories about what’s new in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.1 for Lightroom-news, Martin Evening, author of The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom book, has just published a free Lightroom 1.1 PDF supplement update for readers of his book and anyone who is interested in learning about what’s new in Lightroom 1.1. The PDF (20 MB) is 177 pages long and available now for download via the Peachpit website (registration required).

This is not a book revision, but a supplement to the original book in which Martin Evening describes in detail all of the new features found in Lightroom 1.1. Martin writes: “I wanted to provide a free update for Lightroom 1.1 that would satisfy readers who had already bought the book as well as all those who hadn’t bought it yet but wanted to make sure they were up to speed on all the new program features”. It is richly illustrated, fully indexed and contains page cross-references to the main book. The Contents list also includes hyperlinks, which make it real easy to navigate to specific topics of interest.

How to download the PDF supplement
The PDF update supplement is available free for everyone to download. All you have to do is visit the peachpit website at: There you will need to create a new account by providing your email address, full name and a password to access the site.

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