Save 60% on Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI. Buy it for $39.99

I posted it before, but I’m gonna post it again. I saw some forum posts with people wanting a cheap editor to use. I don’t think you can do better than this…

This offer is still valid. And honestly, I’m not sure this is just for upgrades, I believe this is the full version of the program. Please don’t quote me on that, but I think you can get the full version of Paint Shop Pro XI for $40. After I bought my copy I was sent a new serial number just for PSP XI. There was no checking for a previous version if I recall.

Also with this offer you get Corel Creative Edition 2 for free with purchase – this wasn’t offered before. This is a whole slew of masks, textures, tubes and all sorts of other creative goodies for Paint Shop. It’s a 222MB download of extras to toy around with.

The Creative Edition is worth $20 on it’s own and Paint Shop is normally $99, so this really is a great deal. Like I said, I decided to go ahead and upgrade since it was such as great offer.

Paint Shop is a powerful program with layers, masks, curves, levels, histogram adjustment, and plenty of other tools for working with photos. It also has excellent text features, picture tubes, frames, and is great for working on web graphics.

The cost of the upgrade is $39.99.

Use this link to take advantage of this offer:

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