1 Terabyte=$200

1 Terabyte=$200

Today I realized I’m running out of space on the drive I store all my photos on. I’m currently using a 250GB to store all the photos, edits, and any other changes. There is currently 4 years worth of photos on there and who knows many individual files. I would bet I have taken about 30,000 pictures between the three cameras I own.

I have also come to realize I’m not backing these files up like I should be. I have been making copies to DVD from time to time, but it would take over 60 DVDs to back all these images up now. I’m not willing to spend the time sitting there popping 60+ discs in and out of this machine.

It became clear I needed another drive so I could just back the whole thing up at once – one drive to hold the originals, one drive as a mirror of the first. Probably going to be slow on this first copy, but at least I don’t have to watch over it.

But while out shopping for drives I came across a 500GB drive for $99 – an external unit – even more impressive. This will give me room to copy the drive plus room to expand. I ended up buying two so I can now copy all the images to the new drive (which has more room) and create a backup of this new storage point.

They are both external drives which means I don’t have to mess with opening the case to install them. It’s not that I don’t know how, it’s just that I don’t want to. Every time I pop open the case and do something new, there is always a glitch, something I didn’t count on. I want this to be as simple as process as possible. I just want to back up my images and not spend time going back to get the right cable or the right power splitter or some other stupid oversight on my part.

I also think it’s a pretty impressive thing technology wise to be able to go out and buy a terabyte of storage for a home computer. I mean I remember 5 ¼ inch floppy discs that held 100k on them and now to think I have 1TB sitting on my desk. Of course by this time next year 1TB will seem paltry as 16GB cards come out for cameras and thumbdrives. Double digit terabyte drives will be the norm and I’ll have the same problem of how do I back all this stuff up…

But for now, $200 for 1TB of storage is pretty damn impressive.

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