Carolina PCA at Carolina Motorsports Park

It’s not all about setting pumpkins ablaze (although that is a lot of fun). I did take some time this past weekend to head down to Carolina Motorsport Park to take some shots of the cars on the track. It started off rainy and overcast but warmed up nicely (almost too much).

Lots of impressive cars and a great way to spend the weekend. Once again I took a thousand pictures with all sorts of variations in settings to see what kind of effects I could get. 1/160 sec is still a reliable speed with plenty of keepers. 1/100 is a little tricky and doesn’t always work out, but when it does the results are great. I even tried a few at 1/50 sec just to see what I could get. Only a couple of these worked out, but they look great. I need to practice more with the panning on the slower speed to see if I can get more keepers. But overall I’m happy with the results and got some shots worthy of displaying. I just wish CMP had more places to shoot from. Maybe one day they’ll let me on the other side of the wall to get some shots… ;)

You can check out the full gallery here:

You can see all my track photos here:

Here is one of the shots at 1/50 sec that worked out well.

1/100 sec

1/50 sec

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