Just in the nick of time?

I have copied all my photos to the new 500GB drive and during that process found out there at 5 bad blocks on the original 250GB drive.

I had problems copying the files originally using just the copy/paste method of Windows, so I went with a backup program that might actually have some intelligence built into on how to handle slow/problem files. The copy went fine except for 6 files.

As I tried to copy those files manually it became clear something was wrong. The system would hang every time I tried to use them. Even from a command prompt I couldn’t copy them.

I ran chkdsk several times, each run getting rid of a few errors and bad entries. I finally managed to get the files copied across and then ran a scan of the entire drive to make sure. There are a couple of blocks that give I/O errors so the drive might be going bad or it could be these are just bad sectors and once Windows knows about them it will be fine.

Either way, looks like I might have gotten the new drive just in time. Now I get to do the whole process over again and copy all the files to the other backup drive.

By the way, these MyBook drives are pretty impressive. They can easily be powered down when the system goes into Standby and when the machine wakes up, so do they.

I don’t know if there is a fan in the case or not, but they are more than just an enclosure. They are no where near as hot as the other drive enclosures I’ve worked with before. You can still pick this one up after its been running for awhile.

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