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My Porsche Club magazine cover is coming along quite well. The first part has been done. I took quite a few pictures of downtown Charlotte from just at dusk until night – about a 2 hour span.

Now that we have the background it’s time to get the foreground shot. Of course the centerpiece for a Porsche magazine would have to be a Porsche. So we took a Porsche 993 and took it to the top of a parking garage to take some pictures.

It was a really nice day with a beautiful clear blue sky and warm temps. It was a simple matter of parking the car and the taking shots from various angles to see what we liked. I started off with the camera on the tripod just above bumper level and taking some shots. The main goal was to capture the lines of the car and to give a somewhat exaggerated sense of size. That’s pretty easy, just use a short lens and move in.

I wanted to capture from the front bumper to the middle of the door. There are plenty of shots of the whole car, but it’s mainly side angles not just a flat shot of the side of the car.

I also took the camera off the tripod and lay on the ground to take some shots. I like the angle looking up, it makes the car loom and seem even bigger.

I think the shots came out very well and I’ve already got ideas on how to use many of the shots for other projects.

You can view the full gallery of images here:

Porsche 993 provided by Harvey Yancey of the Porsche Club of America – Carolinas Region.

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