Watch The Lunar Eclipse with Google Earth

Next eclipse in 2010

A total eclipse of the moon occurs tonight and will be visible from South America and most of North America and you can use Google Earth Sky to find out when and where for your location.

Frank Taylor writes on the Google Earth Blog, “Thanks to a some nice work by Michael Kosowsky of, you can download a simple KML file that will let you use Google Earth Sky to view when and where tonight’s lunar eclipse will occur for your location.”

Lunar Eclipse

“Fast, simple, and free! The KML file for Google Sky is simple to load, and it will automatically guess your location on the Earth by guessing the location of your IP address. Make sure you select the ‘Switch to Sky’ mode when Google Earth prompts you. Double click on the ‘HeyWhat’s’ placemark to position your view on the moon.”

Taylor says that based on your location, you will be able to view the green lines of a “planisphere” which illustrates your horizon in Google Sky. Taylor goes on to explain,” Cardinal points showing north, south, east, west; the positions of the moon and planets; and a special symbol representing the Earth’s shadow relative to the position of the moon. Not only that, but the time slider will be visible and you can drag the slider to determine precisely when the eclipse will occur.”

The last total lunar eclipse that could be visible from the United Sates happened on August 28, 2007. North Americans will have a chance to see the next total lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010.


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