It’s like riding a bike…

Well, it’s not like riding a bike, it is riding a bike. For the past month I have been making time to go bike riding in the evenings and on the weekends. So far I have done pretty well. I’m able to go 10 miles without too much trouble, 15 miles isn’t too bad with a break or two, and 20 miles can be done, but it takes a little while. The rides after work usually hit around 10 miles or less. On the weekends I go all out and try to go as far as possible.

I’ve had my mountain bike for years, so this isn’t a new purchase, but like so many others I’m sure, it’s been collecting dust for several years and has only recently seen the light of day again.

When I first got it I went riding after work with some friends. We went pretty frequently and for that year I put some good miles and some good scratches on it. Then the cold weather came and the bike hit storage with the idea it would be brought back out as soon as the weather was good again.

Well, the weather was good, but I wasn’t, and the bike stayed in storage.

Then I got a completely screwy schedule with work where I was putting in 60 hours a week and getting on the big was the last thing I wanted, even though I needed it.

But so far I have made amends. I have been diligent with my riding. It’s a goal of mine to actually start riding to work and leave the car at home. It’s about 12 miles to work, but it’s not the distance, but the condition of the roads that has me concerned. No sidewalk, no shoulder and rush hour traffic don’t mix, so there is some doubt this will actually happen. I haven’t given up on it, I just need the right route.

I have some cycling adventures coming up so we’ll see how many miles I can put behind me.

Peddle on!

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