Not content with just being on land, I decided it was time to be on the water as well. I ended up doing something rather unexpected and went kayaking last night on Lake Wylie. There was a Moonlight kayak tour so Donna and I headed out with the small group to paddle around as the sun was setting.

As soon as I slipped away from the boat ramp a flood of memories came back to me. It’s been decades since I went kayaking, but the last time I did was in Australia when I was perhaps 12 or 13 years old on a 3 day camping trip for school. There were about 6 of us and we would paddle for several miles during the day and then camp for the night.

It was a huge kayak, or at least it seemed huge to me at the time, and it was stuffed with several days work of camping gear in the front and the back. It was a great time, paddling along, looking at the scenery, the wildlife, camping out “in the bush” so to speak and as I slipped a few feet from shore and took my first couple of strokes with the paddle I remembered that little adventure.

And while last night was only a few hours it compared very nicely. We paddled along at an easy pace watching the Heron’s, Osprey, and what I hope were the splashes of some large fish.

It was only a foot or so deep, but as it began to get dark it certainly felt like the open water. We headed down to the rookery where the Heron’s would nest and I noted at least three sitting in the high perches watching us go by. Several others circled overhead and the sight of them kept making me think Pterodactyls were going to swoop down on us.

I was pretty much getting the hang of everything and I kept remembering all the kangaroos, goannas and galahs I saw when I was down in Australia. And as the darkness blurred the landscape it looked pretty much the same to me.

For the final stretch we came around the shoreline and stared full on into a full moon. It was a brilliant moment, to sit there in the dark, on the water, with the soft sound of the water slapping the side of the kayak or the gentle paddling off distance as people moved to take in the full view. It was such a clear view and I sat there floating along thinking this was a pretty cool thing to do.

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