To The Virginia Creeper!

I’m not sure if I’m ready for such things, but I’m not one to let common sense stand in the way of having a good time. Donna and I are heading out this Memorial Day to ride the length of the Virginia Creeper – which by good fortune is actually in Virginia.

It’s supposed to be a slow and easy grade which you can somewhat coast down going one way but a slight incline going the other. I’m good with the coasting downhill part, but that really isn’t exercise now is it?

I currently have no bike rack, so this unto itself poses a little dilemma. :) I have come to realize that I need some sort of tow hitch mechanism to transport the bikes using my car. So, I might be cruising down the road looking very fabulous with a bike in the backseat… and one in the trunk… I’ve played Tetris, I can make this work.

The scenery should be spectacular though and I am taking my cameras with me. I’m not sure how that will work out since my camera backpack weighs and extra 20+ pounds and having that on my back while riding a bike seems to be asking for trouble.

If nothing else, the little Sony will get a workout since it easily fits in the “saddle bags” and can easily be toted around. I haven’t tried putting photography and cycling together so this should be interesting.

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4 Responses to “To The Virginia Creeper!”

  • This sounds pretty cool, although I must admit that “Virginia Creeper” sounds like a serial rapist. Is there something we should know about you Pete? :-)

    I know what you mean about lugging the SLR camera equipment though. It’s a pain, but every time I don’t bring it….even if I bring the body and a just one lens, I am always disappointed because I find something that requries a telephoto lens and standard point-and-shoots just don’t cut it on quailty. Perhaps you should bring a Llama to carry your gear.

  • Pete:

    Actually I think Virginia Creeper is a euphemism for poison ivy they just don’t want to admit it. :)

    The point and shoot was pretty cool, but it needs a polarizer and was too easily thrown off by contrasty scenes.

    I need to figure out how to the Canon on something like that without jarring it silly. Maybe a LowePro sling bag or something like that might be worth a try.

  • Well, it’s far from perfect, but keep in mind that you could always hold your sunglasses in front of the lens as a pseudo polarizer filter.

  • Pete:

    That probably would have been a good idea. I should have taken a full polarizer with me and just held it in front of the lens.

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