The Brunt of the Blow

It looks like I took the brunt of the blow during the accident, that crunching sound must have been my rear end as it bounced off the car. The fine folks at BikeSource gave my bike the once over with some minor adjustments to the handlebars and to the front brakes. I’m not sure which part of me hit the brakes but it they were bent into the rim itself and the handlebars were twisted when I went over them. Other than that the bike is fine. It’s ready and waiting for me to get back on.

I did get a new helmet though. There was no head injury, but the straps were damaged and the connecting pieces were broken which will prevent the helmet from staying place on my head. There is no way in hell I’m going out there with it. :)

The truly troubling part was that once I explained how the bike got bent up they weren’t actually surprised. They were distressed it’d happened, but I got the impression this actually happens quite a bit. There was the overall tone of “damn, not again”. Considering the cyclists I’ve seen (including myself) are wearing almost fluorescent colors, ride as close to the edge as they can and I have yet to see anyone riding at any time you would consider “dark”, so what the devil is going on out there?

Put that cell phone down and double check what you’re doing; that side mirror to the rear hurts like the dickens!!

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