Porsche Parade Next Weekend!

It’s almost here; next weekend marks the start of the 2008 Porsche Parade here in Charlotte. Planning has been going on for months and now we are just about set to set it all into motion.

I will be one of several photographers covering the event over the course of the week. My main events will be Saturday and Sunday of the opening weekend and whenever I can find time during the week. I am very excited about this event since I have never been part of the Parade before, nor have I covered an event this big before. The turnout should be tremendous and the display of cars will be impressive to say the least.

The culmination of the event will be Driver’s Ed at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. I attended last year as a normal event and it was a fantastic experience. Since this comes on the heels of the Porsche event, I full expect a much bigger turnout and a complete lineup of cars on the track.

It’s going to be an exciting week and certainly an experience to remember.

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