BETRNSX – Carrera GT

It’s hard to say if the Carrera is indeed better than sex, but there is no doubt that looking at it causes lust and envy. The GT is a beautiful machine and video games don’t do it justice. It looks powerful, dangerous and fast just sitting there. On display at the Porsche Parade was perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this wondrous machine and the smooth, sleek lines it has to offer.

The crowd of people gathered around to take pictures, point, stare and of course ponder what they would give to possess it, was a spectacle unto itself. Kids jumped to pose in front of it, men undressed it with their eyes, and we all waited our turn to grab a picture with this seductive creature.

I doubt I’ll ever get to see it or another one again, but it was a real thrill to take its photo. If you didn’t make it out to the Parade today, you missed a magic moment.

Check out the rest of the pictures of this lovely lady at:
Porsche Carrera GT

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