Due to Overwhelming Demand, Acronis Takes Away Their Coupon

What do you do when everyone posts your coupon code to the web and buys your product for a discounted price? You take it down.

The coupon code that Acronis put up for True Image, which was supposed to last for another week, has been discontinued already. Apparently everyone loves a good deal and bought their software. If you did a search for ATIH80 it showed up everywhere. I mean everywhere. People were talking about it on hundreds of forums and I saw multiple posts of people buying multiple copies to use on every machine they had. Hell, I even bought two copies because the price was so good.

I guess Acronis was making too much money because the code no longer works. Since Friday, thousands of users have been purchasing their program, but I guess they don’t want that anymore.

Oh well, all good things must come to an end. This has got to be one of the shortest-lived coupon codes I’ve ever seen. It’s odd a company would pull a coupon because too many people were using it.

Well it’s still a kick ass program, so I’m glad I managed to grab a copy before they took their toys and went home.

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