Halloween Kickoff – Kang and The Werewolf

While the pumpkin wasn’t spewing forth a 3-foot column of fire, it was still pretty cool and gave me a chance to practice my pumpkin carving skills. Really it was just an excuse to gut a vegetable and lay into it with a knife.

Zombie Pumpkins!

In my second annual fire breathing Halloween pumpkin fest I have chosen the templates from ZombiePumpkins.com. They have some really good templates to work with, they keep adding news and the site just looks cool. If you remember my big finale from last year was 6 of their creations lighting up the night.

The Simpsons Kang PumpkinFor my test carving I chose Kang from The Simpsons. Since he is hell bent on world domination and human subjugation it seems like a fitting start to Halloween; not to mention I am a huge fan of The Simpson’s Treehouse of Terror Halloween episodes (except for these last two), so it seems fitting he should be immortalized with a pumpkin display.

It will be much more foreboding when the flames are shooting out, but sadly, he only has the standard pumpkin candle in his innards. And let me tell you, after the blazing inferno of last year, a tea light is downright shameful to light a pumpkin with. It’s almost sad. They just don’t seem happy and illuminated correctly this way.

Werewolf PumpkinOf course, just carving the pumpkin once wasn’t enough, so I added the Werewolf image to the pumpkin on the other side. That one was actually a little trickier than I thought, but in the end it came out pretty well.

I have to admit I feel a little hollow and empty inside and that I have cheated this pumpkin out of fulfilling it’s ultimate Halloween pumpkin destiny by not giving it the full kerosene lighting ceremony. I might have to make amends and create a display for Tuesday. It’s take 24 hours to prepare everything… And by “prepare” I mean soak in flammable liquids. :)

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