New Year’s Resolutions

Ahh, the New Year’s Resolution. That non-binding promise we make to ourselves so that we can better ourselves for the upcoming year. Amidst glasses of eggnog and champagne we promise to change and do things differently.

So what are my resolutions for 2009? Well, I have been pondering that for a few days, trying to think of what I want to do, what I don’t want to do and what I would like to do better. Keep in mind we’re talking about photography here.

I think one thing I need to work on is being consistent with taking photos. I go weeks or even months without touching the camera, then an event comes along and I fire off 3,000 photos no problem. I feel I need to work on that in between time. Taking the daily photos or that slice of life style snapshot. But not those typical and quite frankly boring shots of posed people making silly faces and giving the thumbs up, but something with a little more substance and style. Maybe it would be taking the time out to create one “studio” photo a week like the classic shot of the bottle of wine and poured wine glasses, or popcorn popping in a skillet. Or maybe something less technical like capturing a heavy rainstorm or a classic sunset. I would like to try and look for a picture to take rather than just waiting for something to happen.

The track photos are fun to take, but I would like to try and put myself in a place to take more pictures, more frequently. There are still dozens of places I would like to that are only a short drive from where I live. If anything I need to make the time to go there and see what’s there. Overcoming the idleness will be the first thing. Once I get moving there should be plenty to do.

As far as equipment goes, there is always something to want, but I don’t think there is much more I need. I have a good variety of lenses I just need to get out there and make use of them.

When it comes to graphics software, I barely use it. I really need to take the time to sit down and learn the functions and techniques of Lightroom. While everyone says they want to learn Photoshop, I think that might be a bit too much. I think if I get comfortable with Lightroom, Photoshop will make a lot more sense. I certainly understand the concept of layers, masks, etc, but I very rarely put them into practice. I think that honestly comes down to the fact that I don’t take many pictures so I don’t feel there is anything I should be working on, then I take a few thousand and it’s too overwhelming to work on. If I take a few pictures per week or a handful a month it would seem more natural and less frustrating to work on them and nring out the best in the photos.

Where to go for 2009? Well, the beach is first on my list. There just seems to be so much to take pictures of, with the sea, the sand, the lighthouses, the sunsets, the quirky shops and the boats that a treasure trove awaits if I would just make the time to get there.

So there it is, a pretty simplistic list – take more pictures and try to take them at the beach. Well, it’s not a take your breath away sort of list, but there is a lot of potential there. Plenty of opportunity to try some new things see some new places and actually get some pictures worth printing.

The New Year is only a few hours away now so it’s time to make up some party plans, grab some food and margarita mix and let this crazy year slip away. It’s been a pretty good one and I’m anxious and excited about this next one. There is a lot I want to do, I just have to get out there and force myself to do it.

So what do you have planned for the New Year?

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