Behold the power of my new web server!

A little over two years ago I put together a web server to host my blog and images. That little server has been running non-stop for almost two and a half years now and during that time it has come to host several different blogs, forums and picture galleries. Although underpowered (by modern standards) it has been a trooper and has served me admirably.

But over the Christmas break I put together a new server, using a more powerful even though somewhat dated machine. The original machine is a PIII 700mhz with a gig of ram.

Go ahead and laugh. The machine was kick ass back in 2000 when I built the thing. Dual processors and 1GB of ram was a rarity in those days. Now cellphones and DVD players have as much processing power.

I have leftover machine parts all over the place, so it was easy to bring up another machine. I chose an Intel Celeron 2.5Ghz machine as my new server. Go ahead and laugh again, but I’m not trying to build some crazy scalable datacenter used by hundreds of people. I just want a blog and a place to host images, so this will be more than adequate.

Since the machine is EIDE, (you remember that format right?) I have several extra drives which I can use with it. The boot drive is 80GB and I gave it a backup drive of 120GB. And since I can buy old EIDE drives for the cost of gum, I have plenty of hardware for this rig.

It was light on the memory so I ordered up 2GB of ram which just arrived last night. I spent the break installing Windows 2003 Server Web Edition (same as the current server) and transferring everything over.

Windows 2003 is already several years old so it would be cool to use Windows 2008, but since I don’t actually have Windows 2008 yet I didn’t use it. And since the hardware I’m using is closer to 2003 vintage it seemed a better idea to match up the hardware with the OS. No reason to get the sexy new OS and put on old hardware. That would be like sticking a hot bikini model in a Pinto. You might be able to make that word, but what are you going to get out of the deal?

While it may not be uber powerful with quad or even dual cores, I should get at least two years worth of service out of this rascal before I feel the need to upgrade again. The server has actually been running or a couple days now and it looks like things are going pretty well. And by well I mean nothing has crashed.

2009 will kick off with a brand new server that has 4 times the power of the original machine. It may be old and certainly won’t raise any eyebrows for it’s processing power, it will keep things running along very nicely. And I did all of this with about 1 minute of downtime as I switched the network cables over and put the new ram in last night. Didn’t notice anything did ya? I’m stealthy like that!

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