Happy New Year!

It’s only a few hours away now so it’s time to lock the workstation and head out for some dinner and drinks. It’s been a heck of year. Lots of great events, plenty of memorable pictures (some I hope to actually get printed and framed) and lots of new things learn both in technique and software.

But now is the time to reflect on the accomplishments and make note of the mistakes, if for no other reason than to not do them again. But the slate washes clean today and its time to start anew. A new year lays ahead full of possibilities and goals to be set.

Work is done early, it’s time to pack up and head out. So to everyone out there, here’s to a wonderful New Year, full of excitement, prosperity and happiness! Thanks to everyone for letting me attend your events and for worming my way into your hobbies. I’ve enjoyed it immensely!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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