4GB for all my friends!

The lure of the memory upgrade for my server was too much for me and I had to upgrade my desktop machines as well. The thrill and excitement of having 4GB in each machine was just too much for me to pass up. And strangely I can get 4GB of DDR2 memory for the same price as 2GB of DDR memory. How the hell did that happen?

I bought 2 4GB bundles from TigerDirect. Dell doesn’t give you a whole lot of room to work with inside their cases, but after some slight contortions the memory was in and I was ready to load applications with reckless abandon.

Of course I was immediately hit with the ridiculous 4GB barrier of Windows which, no matter what you do, will ALWAYS show less than 4GB of memory. On my generic machine with no system upgrades I get 3.6GB. On my main machine with dual video cards I get 2.6GB. I have to say I don’t buy the line MS is feeding us all about why this happens. If the system really is holding off memory for peripherals and system devices then the total memory should always be incorrect, but with anything less than 4 it’s perfectly fine. I think this is just a case of some really bad coding and MS never thinking people would ever get that much memory in their machines before they got the next OS out the door.

Stupid technicalities aside, both machines are performing quite a bit better. They have quite a bit more room to work with and they should be able to cache a ton. It’s a darn shame that memory is so damn cheap but that our hardware and operating systems really can’t take advantage of it. This new generation of 64-bit processors will eventually force us all to a new platform, but personally, I don’t see myself upgrading hardware for at least another year. These 32-bit XP systems may be getting a little long in the tooth, but I better see some kick ass features make their way into Windows 7 or else and upgrade will be even longer in coming. I’m not willing to go 64-bit with the likes of Vista or a knock off little brother in the form of Windows 7. Let’s hope Microsoft gets back on track and focuses on actually making an OS rather than building a platform to make pretty widgets.

But anyway, 4GB is cool, I highly recommend it!

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