Baby New Year

Addie_004 I knew Donna had a soft spot for small children and old VW’s, but now it seems she’s added dogs with the mange to that list. This sad sack is “Addie”, an Australian Sheppard who has obviously seen better days. She’s lost a significant amount of her fur as well as weight. She kind of has that “prime rib” look going, brown on the outside and pink underneath. She also has quite a few nicks and cuts over her. Perhaps she’s got a bad case of the itchies or maybe she got roughed up.

Did I mention she smells like a barn?

Addie_007 We didn’t have grand New Year’s plans to begin with, but after our dinner out we can home to check on our little girl and do our best to wash the stink out. Our first attempt yielded lots of dirt, but the funk remained. The standard smell of wet dog would be a vast improvement over what we have here.

In our latest attempt we armed ourselves with medicated shampoos and skin conditioners. More dirt came off and I think we broke loose some of the stink. She might end up in the chemical bath a few more before all is said and done, but at least she smells somewhat respectable.

I’m not sure how she got into this sad state of affairs, but despite all this she has a really good personality. She is very friendly, wants to play with our other dogs and has a tendency to climb into your lap and see what you’re doing on the computer. The toilet training is pretty good so far. A few accidents, but considering what we’re dealing with I think that’s OK.

Addie_008 Addie needs to work on her coordination, she’s like a young gazelle that’s all leg with a tendency to run into things and fall down. Her “jump and miss” technique may soon be the stuff of legend. She’s really just a baby at about 5 months so as she gets older she should get steadier.

With a little fur and a little weight I think she’ll be a really good dog. She still has high spirits and plenty of affection. I’m not sure what the whole future plan is, but she’s here for now, so hopefully we can get her sorted out and on the right track again.

So say hello to our New Year’s Baby

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