Check out this tragic pair

If you recall, the dog on the left is Addie, the wayward minstrel that Donna brought home on New Year’s Eve. Clearly the hair growing process has not hit full speed and she still has that dazed and confused look about her. But not to be outdone is our other dog “Ping”, an odd little Japanese Chin, Chihuahua mix. Strangely enough this little bite sized morsel is queen of the roost and spends a great deal of her time and energy bossing Addie around, stealing her rawhide treats and being indignant. She isn’t much better at growing hair as both dogs are sporting a lot of pink belly in this photo.

This was taken at the top of the stairs as both dogs contemplated their next great caper since the baby gate foiled their plans at some great adventure in our bedroom. Looking like two sad-eyed hillbillies, Addie sits on one step but props herself up on the other and Ping gives a wayward look of confusion at her predicament.

There is almost the sense of “shotgun wedding” to this picture. I just want to draw a straw hat on their heads and blades of straw in their mouths to complete the look. I’m not sure what the heck I’m looking at, but it makes me laugh.

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