Addie starts to get some fur

Addie1a It’s been a month since we’ve had Addie the Mangy Dog, so I thought I would show off some pictures of her progress. She has put on some weight and the fur is finally starting to come back in. She’s been through 2 additional treatments for the mange since we’ve had her and it looks like it’s starting to work. The fur on her face is coming in and her legs aren’t nearly as bare as they were previously. A lot more fur needs to come in before she looks like she should, but this is a good sign.

Her coordination is still a little odd and she stumbles quite a bit. It could be her hitting the bottle when no one is looking or this just might be her clumsy baby stage. She’s putting on weight and getting stronger so I’m hopeful she will get more balance as she gets older.

Addie2a Donna has been training Addie and she is quite good at making noise when she  needs to go outside – Addie, not Donna. She’s still really excitable and makes little puddles on occasion (again, Addie, not Donna). Addie does well with sitting and laying down, at least when she wants to, but she is in to everything and there is very little she won’t eat. Strangely color objects are coming out the hind end of that one (just to make it clear, Addie, not Donna) so we need to make sure she isn’t eating cups, stuffing from toys, yarn, hair bows, basically anything that isn’t moving.

As soon as it starts to get warmer we’ll be spending more time outside with her trying to get more exercise for her. She clearly wants to run. Donna has aspirations of Addie catching the Frisbee. It would be amusing if it worked out, but I have my doubts on that one.

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