Driver’s Ed – Washed Out

Snow_3-2-2009_002 What should have been the start of a new season of Driver’s Ed with the Carolinas PCA turned into two straight days of ice cold rain. I have my doubts about local weather forecasts and their ability to actually predict what will happen, but there was no doubt it was raining before I left work which continued on through the night. The morning was no better with continued rain and dark skies. The temperature felt like it was near freezing so I skipped the event and sought shelter in front of a hot computer and large TV. There’s nothing like wrapping up in a blanket and catching up on the week’s episodes of Criminal Minds, NCIS and 24.

After a very relaxing but completely unproductive day, I thought maybe Sunday would be different. But the lightning cracked the dawn and thunder signaled the start of a very soggy day. I did manage to be slightly useful as I searched through the basement for several books that I had been meaning to find. I have some very strange things in boxes down there.

Although this event got nixed, I’m sure the next one will be better. I was looking forward to taking some photos since I basically haven’t done anything since Halloween. I’ve tinkered ever so slightly, but it will have to wait til next time.

Snow_3-2-2009_010 The funny thing is, the weather report called for the rain to turn into snow before the night was over. Come on, that’s just silly, this is the South, we rarely ever get snow especially this late. It all seemed pretty farfetched, until it happened.

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