Fat Gecko Camera Mount

This looks like one hell of a toy to play around with. I can already see those super sexy, blurred car images in my mind. At $90 it seems like a pretty good deal and from the sound of the construction it’s not like you’re going to need to replace them every couple of weeks. I’m not sure it’s in the budget right now, but I really think this could be a lot of fun.

The Fat Gecko suction cup mount allows users to secure cameras to motorcycles, cars, trucks, airplanes, or any other smooth surface. The blend of rugged design and ease of use makes Delkin’s Fat Gecko camera mount optimal for use in all motorsports, from drifting to motocross. Fat Gecko’s suction cups are so strong they can hold a three pound camera and the double knuckle design and 2″ extension tube allow for 360° tilt, 360° turn & 360° rotation for all the best filming angles in any activity.

Fat Gecko Camera Mount – Delkin Devices

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