Freezing rain follow by 80 degrees

You have to just be amused by weather like this. Last weekend, as you see by my pictures, the freezing rain turned to sleet and then to snow which caused us to be out of work on Monday. This weekend was 65 degree weather, followed by 75 and then 80. Frostbite one weekend turns into sunburn for the next.

You couldn’t get me off my bike this weekend. Like a kid who’s learned to ride his bike for the first I was racing through neighborhoods, riding to the grocery store and generally trying to find a sidewalk so I could keep going. The weather was a complete 180 from where it was last weekend and like the first day of summer vacation I was trying to do everything I could outside. I easily went 30 miles on Saturday alone and followed it up with another 10 on Sunday just for fun and because I spent most of the afternoon at a dog show. Well, not quite a dog show with filly Poodles and long haired dogs whose names I can’t even spell let alone pronounce, but an agility training show. But there were dogs there. Lots of them. I think Donna has great aspirations that Addie will leap through the tires, sail over the jumping gates and serpentine through the slalom like some great champion. I have my doubts.

But there were plenty of Australian Sheppards and they were just giddy to get out there and run through the course. After watching so many of them get out there and go through the course with speed and precision, you can’t help but feel inspired to at least give Addie a chance at jumping over something. I was also amused by the little dogs, the Toy Fox Terriers, Jack Russells, Corgies and all the others I know by sight but not by name.

Some were great at going through the course at a blistering pace, hitting their marks exactly when needed, while others seemed to be a touch lost as to why they were out there. Sniffing the seesaw seemed a much better thing to do than running across it. And once at the top of the A frame, the view is rather good so there’s no rush to come back down. I give them full credit for even getting a dog up there.

It was a great time to sit outside and watch the well behaved dogs as they actually come when called, sit when asked, stay instead of wandering off in some aimless direction and do more than climb on the back of the couch. Donna and I now have great aspirations for what we can teach our dogs – and by we I mean her. My primary function will be to sit off to the site and note training has taken place.

I think Addie actually has a fair shot, she does listen pretty well (to Donna anyway, I just get a confused look), Ping may be too set in her ways as the temperamental Queen Bee to start listening to other people and Ellie just doesn’t care. Unless there is bacon at the end of that tunnel, she’s not getting up.

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