Celebrating Anzac Day

Addie_009 While the Aussies in the homeland are celebrating Anzac Day, Donna and tried to get out and enjoy the weekend as much as possible. We started off Saturday with a 5k run (I played the role of spectator) and then moved into a healthy 17 mile bike ride. I look quite smashing in my new bike jersey. I suppose we should have gone for the traditional BBQ, but we opted for a festival of fondue. That fondue is good stuff!

And since the weather was just as good today, I headed out for a quick 10 mile bike ride before breakfast; always a good thing. Then it was time to play outside and for fun we decided to pull out the wading pool and let Addie dog splash around. This turned out to be most amusing. I think she was quite perplexed by the fact that she could feel the ground under her feet, but couldn’t see it. She decided to dig through the water to see if she could strike dirt. When that failed she stuck her head under water to see if she could see the source of the confusion. Simply put, Addie in water is very funny.

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