One tough trainer

I’m obviously not used to working with a bike trainer, but this thing provides more of a workout than I was expecting. I figured it would just lift the back of the bike and offer a tiny bit of resistance to the wheel. There’s certainly a lot more to it than that.

Riding the stationary bike was easy and quite frankly rather boring. It has resistance but it wasn’t like riding a bike at all. And you could make it harder to pedal rather than the sensation of more tension because of the different gears. All that’s changed. The easy gears still seem pretty easy, but once you get some speed and hit the lower end gears it all changes. There is more tension, you can feel more strain and of course there is a lot more sweat. I’ve ridden for two hours straight and not been phased. After ten minutes on this thing I can feel it.

Is this a complaint, no way! This trainer is amazing and everything I wanted. I rode it twice yesterday and twice today. It’s great experience. I really can go as fast as I want, not that I can sustain those speeds for too long. I actually want to ride it some more, but alas, chores around the house will have to put that on hold for the moment.

But there’s always tonight.

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