Dual Dell Laptops

The weekend wasn’t just about hot pink bikes and going really fast, I also kept at my project of updating my machine after my hard drive swap of last week. I think the process is basically done with the essential apps all installed and the machine still running at a pretty quick pace.

And then the BestBuy mailer came in. I got an email announcing laptops were on sale. By a crazy, random happenstance I had been looking to replace the battery and more ram to my current legacy laptop. But when I checked out the prices of these new rigs it seems that getting a whole new machine would be cheaper and quicker than trying yet another upgrade. So, Donna and I went down “just to look”.

That didn’t last long and soon I was walking out of the store with a Dell Inspiron in each hand. It was 3GB, dual core goodness all around. Donna jumped right in with a wild grin on her face. I still haven’t unboxed mine; I’ve been too busy looking cool on my pink bike to work with it. I’ll probably go and start the process of ripping out all the trialware in a few minutes.

One thing is funny though, they certainly gave me the hard sell of paying an extra $150 to have them “optimize” the laptop, which I took to mean, we’ll remove all the crap programs we just put on there and give you a clean install of Windows. Not to worry, I can field strip this baby myself and have it up and running in no time. Funny thing is, MaximumPC just wrote an article about a cool little app that can remove all this trailware on its own. It’s destiny I tell you.

Or maybe I’m just the highly suggestible type and a victim of advertising…

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