Wicked Pink Bikeness

There is no doubt that this new bike of mine is going to turn some heads. It’s blazing pink color cannot be ignored.


Donna’s friend Craig had this on his list and being ever diligent she managed to grab yet another bargain. She got this Specialized earlier in the week and we just got it back from the bike shop this weekend where they put on new tires, pedals, wrapped the handle bars in matching pink tape and even had a pink seat to complete the ensemble. And here it is in all it’s kickass pinkness! And no, it’s not maroon, that is all pink. Just so you know, jealousy is an ugly thing.

Donna and I took it out this weekend to put some miles on it and get some wear on the tires. Let me tell you this bike is all speed. In the lower gears this thing just keeps getting faster and faster. I was easily able to hit speeds of 25-30 mph and keep it there. You can really put some miles behind you while at the helm of this one. Of course all that speed means much lower gearing so when you hit the hills you there isn’t an easy gear to escape to. You have to work to get up the hills, but it feels solid and stable so it’s not too bad.

I am not used to the extended handlebars at all. I gave it a try and thought I was going to crash headlong into the ground, or the bushes or some renegade animal as I began weaving wildly, not used to steering a bike with my elbows. I abandoned that silly idea and rode it the regular way or at least the regular way I ride a bicycle.

I was doing some laps in the neighborhood this afternoon and I could see people checking me out as I sped down the road. Hopefully they were admiring the robust colors of my bike and not staring at my combination of yellow biking shirt and Corona board shorts. It’s a true fashion statement when you see it all together. I even think someone took my picture as I waiting for the cars at an intersection. Can’t wait to see what terrible caption that photo gets when it hits the web.

Here is the other bike we have, a yellow Giant which is also an excellent ride. I’ve put a couple hundred miles on this one in the trainer. I have to say that riding it on the street is vastly different. The 15 mile run we did this weekend felt pretty easy going the whole way. But the main thing is, I look cool riding either one and that’s what’s really important.


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