The laptop is all tricked out!

Or rather all cleaned out. With the help of PC Decrapifier I removed all the trialware apps that Dell sees fit to install on their machines. In reality it only took about 20 minutes to get everyone off there, hardly the major undertaking BestBuy made it out to be and the $80 they charge to do it themselves. Hell, they probably use the same tools I did. A complete ripoff if you ask me.

But with that junk gone the machine I put my own apps on there. This machine is very scaled down, with just a browser, Office 2003 (small and faster than 2007) and some blogging tools. I have a basic graphics editor (Irfanview) and thumbnail viewer (FastStone) and I think that is going to be about it. I’m sure as I use it more I will a missing app or two, but I’m really trying to minimize the junk I install these days. It all takes its toll and starts to slow things down.

Of course Symantec still proves they make the best AV software out there.

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