You can unscrew, but can you undelete?

In conjunction with backups and using two drives to sync your photos I would also recommend having an "undelete" or "recovery" program on hand, just in case. While the Recycle Bin might save you from accidently deleting a file – if you actually press the Delete key, but it won’t help you retrieve files that get deleted from you memory card during a download, nor will it help when a virus or malware program goes sweeping through your machine.

My personal choice is a program like O&O MediaRecovery or O&O Undelete. MediaRecovery is specifically geared to help retrieve files that get deleted off your memory card. Press the wrong button while the card was in the camera? Lose a file while copying the pictures? Programs like these can help you out.

I remember a couple of year ago while out in Arizona visiting Randy we had to use O&O to recover the pictures on one of his drives. The drive was fine one minute and then after some updates, patches and reboot later, the drive had become corrupted and none of the files were seen by Windows. I still have no idea what happened, but we ended up using O&O FormatRecovery to get the files. All of his files were in RAW format, but FormatRecovery was able to save just about every one of them. It took a long time, but better than the alternative.

These are the kinds of programs you buy but hope you never have to use. There are free ones out there that you can look into and while those are good, there are some products I would rather pay for knowing I can get support and updates if I need them.

If you want to get started, here’s a $10 off coupon for any product in the O&O lineup. I think their programs are very effective and reasonably priced. They aren’t the only ones out there, but it’s a good place to start.

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