Father’s Day Curse

It seems Father’s Day is starting to take on some ominous overtones these days. It was right before Father’s Day last year that I got hit by a car while riding my bike. History just about repeated itself last week when I almost got hit again by someone who wasn’t paying attention. But as of yesterday Fate stepped up her game and is really gunning for me.

While going out for lunch yesterday I narrowly escaped a massive car wreck when someone pulled out in front of us and completely blocked the lane. In some radical driving maneuvers we managed to go swerving by and avoided disaster. But that wasn’t all. On the drive home I got hit in the rear end while stopped at the light. No real damage was done, but now there’s a dent in my bumper and considering the way cars are made these days the whole damn thing is going to need to be replaced. I guess the first shot at me didn’t hit the mark so it was time to take another one.

We needed to go to the bike store this morning and I seriously didn’t want to go because it seems like I’m tempting fate. I had Donna drive just in case and while nothing happened I’m not leaving the house for the rest of the day. Hopefully some out of control car doesn’t come crashing into the living room and run me over.

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