I haz a pumpkin patch!

This could be the start of an ugly pumpkin uprising, but the seeds from all the pumpkins I gutted last year have taken root! There is a now a well established and quite large pumpkin vine growing in my back yard. They have sprouted from inside the compost pile and have spread out across the yard. I find this very exciting! It would be great to have my own pumpkin patch for Halloween this year. I’m not really sure how you go about raising pumpkins, but the bees seem to be all over the big orange flowers so I assume they’re handling the pollination process.

Since it’s coming out of the compost pile I shouldn’t have to worry too much about watering and fertilizing it. However, the temperatures have been going through the roof these past couple days so I will keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t start to wilt or anything.

At the current rate it could begin to cover the entire yard. I may be lighting pumpkins on fire from right inside the patch itself this year. The pumpkins I bought were all a pretty good size so who knows how big these will be. Of course this vine could just be taunting me and they could turn out to be the size of cherry tomatoes.

If anyone has some pumpkin raising advice I would be happy to listen.




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