Enter the iPhone

It seems my want of gizmos knows no bounds right now. I’ve been toying with the idea for many months and finally gave in to the peer pressure. I just bought an iPod Touch. I mainly wanted the ability to play music and have no need for the phone portion. I think it was the idea I could play games on it, specifically Space Ace that finally pushed me over the edge. Or maybe it was Burn Notice on the small screen that did me in.

While I’m excited about the device and the prospect of listening to music and watching actual video on it, the experience so far has left me pretty cold.

First off, I hate iTunes. Without a doubt it is the most annoying and frustrating application I have ever used. There is nothing intuitive about it, the fact that it installs multiple services doesn’t make me happy and above all, it’s slow. I know there are legions of Apple, iPod, iTunes fans, but this software can’t be among their reasons for such vehement loyalty. It seems obvious to me that dragging and dropping songs to the iPod would copy them over, but not in this case. I guess I just don’t have an Apple mindset.

Second, it’s pretty clear to me that right off the bat you need a case and protective screen. Of course neither of these is included and they are ridiculously overpriced. I mean seriously, $17 for a 4 inch piece of plastic to keep the screen from getting scratched? Damn, at least buy me dinner first!

Finally, when I get the device hooked up the first thing Apple wants is my credit card so I can buy the latest version of the OS. Version 3.0 has just been released and I need to pay $10 to get it? WTF!? It’s free for iPhone users, but iTouch users need to cough up $10 more dollars.

And this is on top of the all the other little expenses. Making accessories for the iPhone is where the money is at. You can make a fortune nickel and diming people to death just so they can use the device they just spent $300 buying… Really, you can include headphones (which everyone already has) but not a piece of plastic to keep my keys from destroying your precious love child?

I hope things will only get better.

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