I got my act together

I can’t believe it’s actually taken this long, but I’ve finally got the iPod Touch worked out. I’ve made my playlists for my different music tastes; I’ve even converted a couple of TV episodes to the right and played them. Hell, I even downloaded a couple of free games from the App Store and got them to work. I’ve finally gotten past the frustration and now think the iPod is actually pretty neat.

Of course I have come to one realization, my music collection sucks. I listen to a pretty wide range of music and have CDs from all manner of bands, but the sadly reality is, my collection isn’t cool. I can’t say that I’m offbeat, or quirky, or even eclectic. I haven’t gotten on board with any new bands in several years. I can’t stand listening to the radio because of all the commercials and it would appear all the guys I listen to aren’t making music anymore.

Apparently I need to find some hipster teenager and find out what they’re listening to. I guess when you get an iPod you need to update your music collection to match.

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