Gearing Up

Well, it looks like Ping Dog is starting to get better. Although she’s still wobbly, she is walking a lot better and seems more alert and less like she’s in pain. She’s nowhere near 100%, but hopefully tomorrow she will be pretty close to her old self. She still can’t play with the other dogs and will have to spend the week bundled up in her kennel. We’ll see how she is Saturday morning.

In lieu of that I am packaging up the gear to take on this trip. Like I said before, I’m taking the Canon and the two Sigma lenses. It’s not traveling light, but it should pretty complete. I am also taking my two other Sony cameras, the WC100 and the F828. I rarely use the F828 anymore, but it takes video and will be a good backup camera. Plus if the kids want to use it they can. The WC100 is the classic point and shoot. Easy to travel with, easy to use. Donna prefers this for quick shots and it usually works out quite well.

In conjunction with the cameras and lenses I’m taking the Dell laptop with me. I plan to use it to download pictures more than anything else. I doubt I will fill up the cards, but it’s good to have anyway. It should fit right inside the camera backpack. But yet again, electronics and biking don’t seem to mix in my mind so I’m not sure this is the smartest thing to do. In my quick searching I didn’t really find any camera bags made for biking. The slingbags look pretty close but look like they can still slide unexpectedly and cause problems. We’ll have to see how this plays out.

For the final piece I’m taking my iPod Touch. Even though my music collection leaves something to be desired, it’s better than nothing. I’m also putting a few TV shows on there just in case we hit a lull in the action and I have the couple of games I bought the other day. There is never a bad time for Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em or a full contact game of Monopoly.

I keep thinking in the back of mind, that out of all the stuff I’m planning to take and use there’s a very strong probability I won’t use 90 percent of it. I have a feeling I’m taking the 150-500 for nothing, but I can’t bring myself to leave it at home.

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