Lose It! for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Pounds, not the address to this website!

I admit, I have been swept up in the fervor that surrounds the iPhone. I didn’t actually buy an iPhone, I bought the next best thing, which is an iPod Touch (16GB model FYI). Apart from being a very cool MP3 player (for the big metric rides) and having the worst sync application (iTunes) there are some fantastic applications for it. One that I’ve been using since the middle of July is Lose It!.

Like it’s web based counterparts of FitDay and CalorieKing, Lose It! tracks my eating and exercise habits right on the iPod in a very easy to use interface. I pick the foods I eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) and the quantity, enter the amount of exercise I’ve done for the day (got to remember to jump on the bike) and I get a total calorie count for the day. As I learned quickly, red is bad! Curse you Fuel Pizza!

You can set it up to maintain your current weight or work to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week.

It already comes pre-populated with thousands of food choices – standards like milk, bread, cheese, yogurt as well as plenty of brand name foods – Campbell’s, Tyson as well as restaurant food – Taco Bell, (I had to use that one pretty quickly), Chili’s and others. But if something is missing I can add it in just a few taps. Finding the calorie count is pretty painless these days, most web sites have that info these days.

It’s a wonderful app that keeps me honest about what I’m eating and how much exercise I get. Donna swears by FitDay and this is the same thing in the palm of my hand. And since it doesn’t require an Internet connection I use it wherever I am. (It would be great on vacation to keep you from going overboard!) It’s a fitness system all in one! :)

And best of all it’s free. Yep, free. I don’t know how they do it, but it is.

Lose It!



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