Watching what you eat with FitDay and CalorieKing

The FitDay and CalorieKing websites are great for tracking what you eat and how much you exercise. It’s simple to make an account and after you track what your really eat for a couple of weeks you’re probably going to be really surprised.

The first thing I did was track what I ate for two weeks. You need to be honest and track those pieces of candy you grab out the candy bowl at work, all the sodas, the snacks in between, that wayward cold piece of pizza (curse you Fuel Pizza!). What I found out was that I ate a lot of food high in calories that didn’t fill me up at all.

I thought having Pop-Tarts for breakfast was a good idea, but I soon realized they were basically 400 calories of rubbish. For lunch I was having a ham and cheese sandwich I made at home. Each sandwich was over 400 calories and I had two of them. Considering I was still hungry, when it came to dinner I would have multiple helpings and pile on least 1,500 calories just for dinner. Add the soda and snacks and I was eating 3,000+ calories a day and it was all really bad food.

Here’s a quick comparison, I could have 2 Pop-Tarts for 400 calories or I could have 5 eggs for the same amount. Or 2 1/2 cups of yogurt. Or multiple bowls of cereal. One thing I learned is that there are plenty of foods out there with low calorie counts that do a good job of filling me up and giving plenty of energy.

FitDay and CalorieKing will quickly reveal such things and make you a smarter eater. You can have the big hamburger at lunch as long as you temper it with something lighter for dinner. Or you can have that big dessert with dinner if you take it easy at lunch. I think of it as a way to eat bad things in moderation. :)

Accounts are free so you really can’t go wrong there. If you have checked one of these sites you should give it a try, it’s well worth it just to see where you are in your eating habits.

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