Group Ride

I did my first group ride this weekend. I went out with the guys from the Carolina Bicycle Company for a 27 mile trek through neighborhoods and winding roads. I really have no idea where we went. Maybe I should ask for directions before just blinding following some group of colorfully dressed people. That probably works at Mardi Gras, but might not be the best plan for everyday events.

However, it was a pretty good run. There weren’t too many hills and the group was really good about keeping together, regrouping and calling out when there were problems in the road. I pretty much just hung out at the back and tried not to cause a wreck.

The pace was pretty brisk, at least in the beginning :), but not overly so. It was a nice run between North and South Carolina. I have to say I was just following the guy in front of me. Good thing nobody had intentions of heading to Mexico.

Of course I did have to remove all doubt that I am an amateur cyclist by falling off my bike. I made the classic blunder of clipping the wrong foot into the pedal before I was ready. I clipped my right foot (it should have been the left) and before I was really moving I got caught on the lip of the gutter and fell over – to the right. I’m pretty sure I fell over in slow motion, this way everyone had time to turn around and look. I landed in the grass so at least I had that going for me. Nothing like making an ass of yourself in front of a group of people you just met. Nowhere to go but up I guess.

There was vindication though, I finished the ride with the top group, including a trio of 15 year old Junior Riders who were getting in some training time. Considering I’m twice their age (and then some) I feel that’s pretty good. I also have to add that I was quite amused when a buddy of mine who I haven’t seen in several years made the comment “I take it this isn’t your first bike ride” in regards to my keeping pace with everyone else and the fact that he spent the last 4 miles of the route trying to keep up with the small group I was in. Maybe I don’t suck at bike riding.

To add to my superiority (at least in my own mind) I came home and did another 20 miles on the trainer. It was a good ride but I wanted just that little bit more. Plus Donna wasn’t home so it was a good excuse to catch up on some TV.

I do have to point out that this makes the third weekend in a row I’ve ridden 50+ miles. And here I thought my Go For Blood run was a one time fluke! Seems I’m starting to make a habit out of this biking.

Of course I ended up eating about everything in sight including some excellent lasagna pizza from Fuel for lunch and multiple hamburgers and chicken I cooked on the grill for dinner. When you burn off 4,000 calories it’s amazing how much rubbish you can eat!

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